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    Río San Juan - Boca de Sabalos

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    84 acres (277 manzanas)


For sale 277 manzanas of land, 500 mt of border in front of the Rio San Juan river, 20 minutes near the Inmaculada Concepcion Monument Castle, by boat, in this property you can see virgin nature, precious woods, see exotic animals such as Congo monkeys, snakes, colored frogs, turtles, birds like toucan, scarlet macaw, green macaw, butterfly, sport fishing tournament, tarpon is the nearby town, 5 minutes away, you can find, health care, small market, gas station, police service, highway to connect with the main city of Managua. Nicaragua, and the border with Costa Rica.

There is a humid tropical climate, cattle breeding area, and agriculture. The average temperature is 27 degrees celsius (79 fahrenheit)


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Gerson L. Amador

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  • Gerson L. Amador
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